I’m overwhelmed by the number of fitness options available. Does Evolve help me select which workouts and movements are right for me?

Evolve is inclusive of all fitness abilities, and every Evolve member is encouraged to take a fit test in order to determine which level is right for them. In addition, Evolve recommends a very clear sequence of workouts for its members, so that balanced results are simple to attain. There are five different types of workouts in Evolve: Strength, Core, Agility, Stretch and Sports. For guidance, Evolve recommends a strategic workout order and automatically suggests the best workout for that day based on a user’s last activity. That said, Evolve will soon offer alternate sport specific workouts you can select on your Sports day (eg. Tennis and Golf) and different stretch workouts for your Stretch day (eg. Yoga). And Evolve will regularly be updated with new options for members to choose from (ie. new sports-specific and stretch-specific workouts).

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