Evolve is a functional fitness program designed for men and women of all ages who want to live a healthier life. Created by Temple Street Media Ventures, a division of Temple Street, Evolve is anywhere fitness. It can be accessed on any computer or mobile device and practiced anywhere – at home, in the gym, at your hotel or in the park, all within a nine-foot space. Designed initially as a bodyweight-only program, Evolve movements are scientifically designed to be low impact, highly efficient and balanced, to strengthen key areas of the body. It is a resource and a community for users who are looking for expert fitness and nutritional advice, and an overall lifestyle that will be the foundation of the fitness world’s next global movement.

Temple Street Media Ventures (Media Ventures), a wholly owned subsidiary of Temple Street, was created in 2013 to oversee all of Temple Street’s digital media content initiatives. Media Ventures’ initiatives extend across three distinct verticals. The first develops and produces all digital content designed to enhance and support Temple Street’s television properties. The second acts as an internal digital incubator for technology and creative content that focuses on direct-to-consumer ideas. The third operates under Boat Rocker Studios – a new 15,000 square foot digital video creation studio located in downtown Toronto that produces original video, social media strategies and online monetization opportunities for YouTube and other online video platforms. Media Ventures’ mandate is to build upon Temple Street’s continued commitment to produce great content, while leveraging opportunities in the digital arena.

The Evolve Functional Fitness program was developed by an elite and diverse group of experts, under the supervision of Co-Founders David Fortier and Ivan Schneeberg. The Fitness Team is led by Fitness Director Micheal Okumura, one of North America’s leading personal trainers and strength and conditioning experts, with the assistance of Fitness Producer, Rob Jarvis, a former professional and NCAA (Dartmouth) hockey player. The program was vetted and refined by all of the Evolve Trainers and by their background teams (most of whom are also personal trainers, dancers and/or elite athletes). Additional third-party reviews were conducted by leading experts. Extensive workshops and boot camps were held over many months to ensure that the programs are safe, effective, functional and fun.

Evolve Nutrition is led by nutrition expert Jennifer Sygo (MSc, RDI), a Registered Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist with Cleveland Clinic.